Detailed introduction

Comprehensive Product Range
The Baiyue temperature control line includes brushless D.C. motors, blower & fan motors, radiator fan assemblies, fan clutches and other related products. Every application is designed to meet and exceed O.E.M. specifications. Temperature control products undergo the same stringent quality manufacturing and testing processes associated with all Baiyue products. In addition, our line is very broad and offers over 800 different models

Superior Quality and Technology
All Baiyue temperature control products are made 100% brand new. This eliminates the investment & costs associated with the handling of core. All our brand new products undergo the following rigorous testing to ensure a trouble free operation & long service life:

--Vibration test
--Noise test
--Salt Spray test
--Endurance test
--Surface temperature measure
--Volumetric Efficiency
--Power measurement
--Life time test
-- Application simulation
-- Water RoHS Cr6+ tester

Long Term Partner
Baiyue has the experience, expertise & flexibility to develop & tool new products on a timely basis.