The scientific human resource management mechanism is the fundamental guarantee for realizing the company's talent strategy. The company has always adhered to the establishment of a sound human resources management mechanism, formed a "development, competition, incentive, elimination" employment mechanism, providing a broad career development space for outstanding talents.
1. Absorb talent
In the country, regardless of the talents of Gegna, we favor young talents with passion and create a competitive salary system by introducing a market-oriented talent value positioning system.
2. Make good use of talents
Highly focused on the final work results, is the company's excellent style of inheritance. Effective, results, and goals, we will continue to improve in our company.

  • Salesman: 2 people

    1. Sales personnel should regularly complete quantitative job requirements under the leadership and supervision of their superiors, and be able to handle and solve their tasks independently;
    2. Manage the customer relationship, complete the sales task;
    3.Understand and discover customer needs and purchase desire, introduce the advantages and characteristics of their products;
    4. Provide professional advice to customers;
    5. Collect potential customer information;
    6. Complete the company's business indicators and receipts;
    7. Participate in the negotiation and signing of the contract;
    8. More than 1 years working experience in sales industry. Outstanding performance is preferred. Driver's license is required;
    9. Extrovert, quick response, strong expression, strong communication skills and communication skills, and affinity;
    10. Have certain market analysis and judgement ability, good customer service consciousness;
    11. Responsible and able to work under great pressure.

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