Detailed introduction

Baiyue has manufactured blower/fan motors for over 18 years. The 130 part numbers we carry are the fast moving ones, which cover almost 80% market share. To serve different customers' demand, we still keep developing new part numbers every year. In spite of our competitive pricing, Baiyue will not compromise the quality.

--Baiyue's motors have passed 2000 hours durability test.
--For the metal housing, we use heavy-duty powder painting to past the 96-hour salt-spray test.
--We use high quality ball bearing for long lasting and least noise.
--We use Fuji carbon brush for the best performance.
--Armatures are balanced for least noise and better performance. Our armatures are winded by a computerized automatic winding machine for a higher output.
--Excellent grade permanent magnets are used on all of our motors.
--Every blower/fan motor is tested by a computerized loaded tester before shipping.
--Over 8,000,000 pcs of motors manufactured and sold in the filed.